Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A to Z Challenge { Q }

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts
  for April's A to Z Challenge!
I'm testing my writing skills with fiction.
These may consist of an opening paragraph, or might even end up as an entire short-story.
I have no idea where my fingers and keyboard will take me
as I'm inspired with each day's corresponding letter.
Take the journey with me!
I look forward to your feedback.
Today's letter:  Q

When Quinn developed a quartan, she wasn't too disquieted about her condition; though, a quillet with Quincy, her best friend, gave Quinn a reason to visit the doctor. Quincy was convinced the quartan was brought on from Quinn's worry of becoming  a quadragenarian. So, off to the doctor Quinn went.

Without a quatch the doctor took one quick look at Quinn (as if she were a quean!) and credited her condition to Quinsy...without the sore throat. He recommended immediately extracting Quinn's tonsils. Quinn found the diagnosis quisquilious and opted to quit this quoz and possible quacksalver in lieu of a second opinion.

Special thanks to Noah Webster and his Unabridged Dictionary for the 'Q' words

quartan...fever reoccuring every third day
quillet...quibble, small argument
quadragenarian...person between the ages of 40 to 49
quatch...a word or sound
quean...woman with a bad reputation, a hussy
Quinsy...a collection of pus (an abscess) behind the tonsils that pushes one of the tonsils toward the uvula
quisquilious...made of rubbish
quoz...absurd person who falsely pretends to have knowledge of medicine

Ever had a crazy misdiagnosis?
Thankfully, I haven't.

Happy Wednesday! 

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