Monday, April 18, 2011

A to Z Challenge { O }

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts  
for April's A to Z Challenge!
I'm testing my writing skills with fiction.
These may consist of an opening paragraph, or might even end up as an entire short-story.
I have no idea where my fingers and keyboard will take me
as I'm inspired with each day's corresponding letter.
Take the journey with me!
I look forward to your feedback.
Today's letter:  O

The oecist of the omphaloskepsis facility believed in octarchy.  One of his officials obumbrated the others. With her officious manner, she spoke as an all-knowing omphalopsychite, though she really meant to overhail the ocracy.

Special thanks to Noah Webster and his Unabridged Dictionary for the 'O' words

octarchy...government by eight people
obumbrated...overshadowed who volunteers too eagerly who meditates by gazing at the navel

There are some strange people in the world, my bloggy friends.
Who'd have ever thought that someone would come up with
something as crazy as Navel-Gazing Meditation?

Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday to my brother, T.

Hope your day is fabulous!

Love-n-Hugs to you

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