Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge { I }

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts
  for April's A to Z Challenge!
I'm testing my writing skills with fiction.
These may consist of an opening paragraph, or might even end up as an entire short-story.
I have no idea where my fingers and keyboard will take me
as I'm inspired with each day's corresponding letter.
Take the journey with me!
I look forward to your feedback.
Today's letter:  I

It was quite an imbroglio, Iris thought to herself. Here, installed in this illutation, Iris felt it was most immeritous. Growing up impecunious impelled Iris to be instinctively impavid. Why she had to be imperseverant too, was beyond her imagination. As she inhausted her surroundings, Iris hoped she didn't develop an intertrigo. There would be no iteration of this visit. Her best friend, Ione, would never illaqueate Iris for a day at the spa again.

Special thanks to Noah Webster and his Unabridged Dictionary for the 'I' words

imbroglio...confusing or disturbing situation
illutation...mud bath
impecunious...penniless drive, press on
impavid...fearless, undaunted
imperseverant...lacking the power to perceive drink in rash due to friction between two moist surfaces
iteration...repetition ensnare

Do you like visiting the Day Spa?
I'm akin to Iris. I don't enjoy going to the spa.

Happy Monday!

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