Friday, April 8, 2011

A to Z Challenge { G }

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts
 for April's A to Z Challenge!
I'm testing my writing skills with fiction.
These may consist of an opening paragraph, or might even end up as an entire short-story.
I have no idea where my fingers and keyboard will take me
as I'm inspired with each day's corresponding letter.
Take the journey with me!
I look forward to your feedback.
Today's letter:  G

Gadzooks! If Gertie didn't get done altering this garbadine garment so it would be gressorial, she would be given over to grind away in the governor's gaol. So she grasped her needle and the gridelin garment, adding graceful guilloche to the galatea with grosgrain ribbon above the gossypine godets. The effect was goluptious, and would make the groundling, for whom the garment was being sewn, appear with a gracility she did not have. Oh, it griped Gertie to generate this gorgeous skirt! The gaumless genetrix who was going to be given this fashionable garment wouldn't feel guarded enough because of her gymnophobia.

Special thanks to Noah Webster and his Unabridged Dictionary for the 'G' words

gadzooks...mild oath
garbadine...closely woven cotton
gressorial...adapted for walking
gridelin...violet-gray decorate with intersecting curved lines
galatea...striped cotton
godets...triangular pieces of fabric inserted into a skirt
goluptious...delightful, luscious
groundling...person with inferior taste
gaumless...stupid, witless
genetrix...female ancestor
gymnophobia...fear of nudity

Happy Friday!

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