Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - All About Aussie Shay

Bloggy friends are hands-down-without-one-little-doubt THE BEST PEOPLE ever!
My sweet and oh-so-generous blogging buddy from Down Under, Shay from Quilting in My Pyjamas sent a HUGE box of Aussie treats to my family.

All of the family was extremely giddy at the prospect of opening the box that arrived at our back door, with the PostLady as excited to deliver a package from Australia as we were to receive it. There it sat all afternoon, as we anxiously awaited the appointed time to open it...after dinner and chores. I've never seen kids clean up a kitchen so fast! We carefully opened the box and, practically enthralled at the thought of receiving such a package, we sat back in awe to take in all the delights awaiting us.

There sitting atop our treasures, like a queen dressed in bright robes, was some gorgeous Christmas themed fabric! It's absolutely stunning, and I admit, I got a little teary from the generosity of my never-met-but-dearly-treasured Aussie friend.

Unable to hold back the kids any longer, we unearthed each parcel and set aside the newspaper in which it was wrapped. We spread the whole kit and kaboodle out on the table. Oh my! After much debate, we decided to open just one item a night. After agreeing to open the Iced Vo-Vos  first, that decision to open only one thing lasted about 5 minutes. Those Vo-Vos were so raspberry delicious, we had to try something else!

Since we had a sweet treat, we decided a salty snack would be best to try next. We opted for the Chicken Chips. Can I just say that Chicken Chips are my new favorite? I think I'd travel all the way to Australia just for those! They are a ridged potato chip that is seasoned with I-have-no-idea-but-it's-really-good spices I couldn't really decipher. All I know, is that we all voted it a "Yay" and hope we can find something similar here in the States.

FruChocs quickly became a favorite too. They look like Malted Milk Chocolate Balls (Whoppers), but are chocolate covered mangoes and apricots. DH and I agree we didn't want to share these with the kids. They were simply too sophisticated for their palate. At least that's what we told them! Ha! DH also can't wait to try the Barbecue Sauce.

Since the grandparents were all together with us for LittleGirl's party, we decided to share our Aussie Goodness with them...after the party guests left, of course. They couldn't believe all the wonderful treats they tasted!

The Caramel Koalas began as the favored treats, but the gems of the night were the TimTams. Oh.My.Goodness! Those TimTams are completely fabulous! I'm going to come clean right now...I hid the last three left in the package, and ate them after the kids went to bed Monday night. And I don't have one bit of guilt over it! They were so creamy, crunchy, chocolaty good. I only wished I could've held one over for Tuesday.

No one had enough gumption to try the Vegemite that night. We're going to save it for Spring Break, although I have a feeling the kids will break into that jar before then. Sweet seemed to trump the salty snacks the night the grandparents were visiting. Grandpa was extremely interested in the Aussie newspapers. He and Papou read the articles and ads, and enjoyed discussing the types of water heaters you could purchase with rebates Down Under.

When the grandparents left, we carefully packed away our goodies and placed them in a basket to sit upon what we lovingly refer to as the "Queen's Chair." We couldn't think of a better spot to hold our Aussie treats. This unbelievably generous box of yummies has brightened each and every day of ours since it's been here. And it seems to be never-ending! Every day, we reach into the box and find something else to delight our palates. We think of you, Shay, and send up a prayer of thanks for being allowed to know someone like you.

Shay, you are the sweetest and thoughtful and most-generous bloggy gal I know.
Bless your sweet Aussie soul.
From the bottom of all our hearts, and especially mine, we thank you.
Love-n-Big-Southern-Hugs my friend!

Now y'all go on over to Shay's Quilting in My Pyjamas
and leave her some bloggy love. She deserves it!

Have you corresponded or met any of your bloggy friends?

Happy Wednesday!

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