Friday, March 25, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

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My favourite this Friday is LittleGirl. Today she turns eight...GASP! My baby is eight! If you've been reading my blog awhile, you'll know that my boys arrived after many years of wanting children. LittleGirl took us by surprised delight after a night of margaritas and a quick conversation of "You wanna try for one more kid?"

She's been surprising and delighting me ever since.

LittleGirl is sunshine and rainbows. She's full of energy, commanding us all to get with her program of unbridled exuberance. She has the best sense of humor, telling Knock-Knock jokes that are understood only by her, yet causing us to laugh as she giggles hysterically at her funny self.

LittleGirl notices everything. EVERYTHING. Her keen eye keeps me on my toes almost all the time. She's quick to point out every nuance and detail. For example, when I purchased a new kitchen rug, she was the only member of our family to notice. The men of the house never even realized; however, LittleGirl hopped home from school and immediately spied the new rug. 'Did you go shopping today, Momma? I see a new flower rug. It's pretty."

And hopping is the appropriate term for getting about as LittleGirl. She skips and runs and hops wherever she goes. No walking for her. She's no slug-a-bug. She's racing through life, capturing each moment in her child eyes, and setting it to memory to relish later on in her life. It must be her Artist spirit that gives her this vision.

LittleGirl creates art on a daily basis. She draws with any utensil she can find, on any scrap she can spy. She's been known to draw on walls, as I find her Picasso-like renderings in secreted spaces around the house. She's contented to paint for hours, creating hearts, flowers, rainbows, horses; and her favorite right now, palm trees. She takes much pride in her art, putting her love into every masterpiece.

I love her 'girl' perspective and 'tomboy' attitude. She hangs with her brothers with no problems whatsoever, yet she can be prissy and full of ruffles and lace in a heartbeat. She loves pink polkadot painted toes, and demands "Girl Time" at least once a week with me. These are the moments I cherish, as we cuddle on my bed, paint our toes, and watch a movie.

She's brought me so much joy, and I am forever blessed to have her in my life. She's made me feel complete as a Mom, and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. Without a doubt, there's no other girl I'd rather spend twirling through life.

Happy Friday!

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