Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cupcake Party Snaps

The photos really tell the story...

This is a long post, as I have no way to shorten my memories of last evening. :o)

LittleGirl's Cupcake Party was much too much fun! The 'Party Room' aka the kitchen, was swathed in bright shades of pink, blue, purple, green, and turquoise. Giant ruffled flowers dangled from the light fixture, cascading down to the center of the table. The table, covered in white and pink cloths and laden with multi-colored cupcakes, was all decked out for the party! Places were set for each guest, and namecards delineated their spot.

The girls arrived, piling out of vehicles almost simultaneously. Giggling and skipping to the door, they shouted high-pitched greetings to the Birthday Girl. LittleGirl, dressed in her pink cupcake dress,  graciously welcomed her guests and invited them into our home. I'm so proud of her good party manners! We discussed in detail her role as hostess.

As the girls entered the Party Room, they 'oohed' and 'aahed' at the festive setting. We presented each guest with a bright pink apron to wear and protect their clothing from frosting and icing gels. The girls were given trays (aluminum cupcake pans) and told to choose six cupcakes from the display. Taking turns, each guest came to the Frosting Station to top the cakes. Some wanted to frost the cakes themselves, though most preferred Momma to help them.

After frosting, each girl returned to her place and began decorating their cupcakes. These girls are so artistic and meticulous! Each and every one of them took great care and put much thought into their designs. No careless and quick decorating went on here! The guests had brightly colored sugars in a rainbow of colors, chocolate sprinkles, and icing gels to aid in their designs. Peace signs and monograms seemed to be a main theme. Polka dots were also seen quite a bit.

With the decorating completed, cupcake wrappers and party piks (made earlier in the week) were placed as a final embellishment. The girls were directed to the Wrapping Station. Their beautiful cupcakes were wrapped in cellophane to be taken home. Each girl placed her namecard (from the table) atop her wrapped cupcakes to ensure she took the right cakes at departure. Their aprons were removed, folded, and placed with their cupcakes. Their creations and aprons served as "Goody Bags."

Clearing the table, we made room for glasses, plates, and pizza. It was very interesting/amusing to watch the girls interact with their stemmed glassware and doily-topped green glass plates. (We're a "green" family, and try not to use many paper products.) They were quite polite and showed beautiful table manners, gently tapping glasses and 'cheering' one another.

With the pizza consumed and glasses emptied, two of our friends had to leave early. We stepped outside for some candid photos. My favorite snap of the night is the last photo in the slideshow. We said goodbye to those girls and came inside for more fun. We lit the candles on LittleGirl's giant cupcake cake, and sang a heartfelt and exuberant Happy Birthday.

LittleGirl opened her presents and was thrilled by the generosity of her friends. Her friends definitely know her likes! She received art supplies, jewelry kits, lip gloss, and nail polish. One friend has a crafty Mom who made LittleGirl a gorgeous sterling & bead necklace and bracelet set. I may have to borrow this pretty creation!

The girls were ready for some play time. With only a few minutes left, we went outside and cavorted around the front yard. They flipped cartwheels, walked on hands, and played clapping games. Think of an updated version of "Say-Say-Oh-Playmate" or "Miss Mary Mac". I wished I had recorded this part! They all interacted so well together, laughing, running, and hugging.

As parents arrived, we handed our guests their cupcakes and aprons. LittleGirl thanked each of her friends for celebrating with her. This Cupcake Party came off without a hitch. We had the best time and created some wonderful memories. It will be a birthday party LittleGirl and I will never forget.

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