Monday, March 21, 2011

The Crush of the Week

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No, not that Bieber kid. After taking yesterday off ( of rest, don't ya know!), I awoke this morning feeling the crush of the week's tasks looming over my head. Every day will be busy with unusual-for-us avocations this week.

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LittleGirl is having her first 'real' birthday party. (Since we have such large families, we've always invited just the grandparents and cousins over for dinner / cake  / ice cream). She and 7 of her little school friends will descend upon our home Friday evening for a Cupcake Bakery Party. They'll decorate cupcakes, eat cupcakes, and play some games. I'm working on the decor, the treats, and well, everything each day this week. My goal is to spend a couple of hours each day prepping for Friday. Fingers crossed.

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Son#2 takes his first PASS test since beginning the whole homeschool adventure. He'll get to show off his writing skills tomorrow with a 4-hour test. While I know he's improved this year, he's like his Momma and not the best standardized test-taker. We simply don't fit the 'standard' mold, and really...I'm beginning to wonder who does! So, if you're the praying sort, please remember him in prayer tomorrow anywhere from 9am to around 2-ish in the afternoon. I reckon if I ask all of you to pray when you think about it, that we'll have all the hours of his test time covered. :o)

I know! Eww!
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We can put it off no longer...the shorts and other Spring clothing needs to come out. After checking NOAA, we'll be seeing temps in the high 70s / low 80s (22-27 Celsius). The kids are begging for shorts and sandals to come out of the dark recesses of their closets. I discovered my toes are not quite ready for cute Spring shoes. Though we won't be wearing talarias, LittleGirl and I will devote one evening to pampering our feet with pedicures and polish.

Back2Basics and Au Courant Crafts will feature all-things birthdays this week. I'll try to throw in some WordArt on Wednesday, and I really want to tell you all about my trip to MaryJo's. Please forgive me if I put that off by one week. And one more thing...I am sadly behind in responding to comments. I need a little grace in that area this week. I love the comments, and will respond to each and every one. It's going to take a few days.

What's on Your Agenda this Week?

Do you ever start Monday feeling overwhelmed?

What's your best birthday party strategy?

Happy Monday!

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