Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back 2 Basics...Washing Woodwork

Whew! What a Monday it was! Thanks for giggling with me about my inability to Spring Forward and set all the temporal-length-of-existence contraptions in the house. Your comments have been a delight to read, especially those of you who admitted it has happened to them. 

After feeling as though I was behind the 8-ball most of the day, I took some time to sit and relax on the veranda. Yeah, I know. It's really just a porch, but veranda sounds so much more Southern and refined. ;o) Look what sent out salutations to me while I was soaking up some sunshine...

Aren't these just the prettiest cherry blossoms? I was really worried about this tree, because I hacked it to near-death heavily pruned it last Fall. So far, it's blooming as if it plans to be a healthy tree. Fingers crossed, black thumbs and all.

It's Tuesday, and time to chat about the basics
we've seemed to ignore as life has progressed.

Let's challenge ourselves to incorporate some of the basics
back into our daily living.

Today's basic is all about...Washing Woodwork

Did I just hear a groan? Washing woodwork is not a favorite chore of mine. In fact, I put it off until I can no longer stand to look at the greasy fingerprints, smudges, and Picasso-style pencil marks that inevitably appear on the door jambs of our home. Since the weather is warming, I feel spurred into cleaning action! With three kids clinging to the entryways of every room...seriously, can someone tell me why a child cannot enter a room without touching the doorway woodwork?!...there are enough prints for an entire class of novice CSI investigators to perfect their 'lifting' skills.

In an effort to 'keep it real' and probably feel chagrined for the rest of the day, here's what the woodwork in my Front Room looked like...Oh, and for the record, I'm still trying to get 'NotMe' to fess up for putting that gouge in the wall. For the life of me, I can't figure out what 'NotMe' used to make such a long gash down the wall.

Is that not the grimiest woodwork! Jeesh. What's wrong with the cleaning lady and why doesn't she take a peek at this area more often? I know why. It has always taken an inordinate amount of elbow grease and scrubbing to clean the woodwork. Who has the time and energy to carry out the task?!

If you're like me, you don't like to use toxic chemicals in your home. Hence, today's basic. You only need three items to quickly and easily clean your woodwork:  Water, Baking Soda, and a Microfiber Towel. Honestly, that's it. You won't be scrubbing until you collapse onto the floor. All it takes is a swipe. Because you aren't using harsh cleaners, the paint will stay on the woodwork and not rub off onto your cleaning cloth. This is better (and cheaper!) than a Magic Eraser...promise.

After a minute of swiping, here's how my woodwork looks now...

Isn't that amazing? It took almost no effort on my part, and it looks 1000 times better than it did. You can guess what my kids will be doing this afternoon, right? The woodwork in the whole house is going to look fabulous by tomorrow!


1. Inspect the woodwork in your home.
2. Mix baking soda and water into a thick paste.
3. Dip microfiber towel into paste and rub across grimy woodwork.
4. Swipe up and down the woodwork until greasy fingerprints disappear.
5. Wipe away any baking soda residue with a clean, damp microfiber towel.
6. Step back and admire your almost-effortlessly cleaned woodwork.

Congratulations! You're now Back 2 Basics in Washing Woodwork!

Do you Spring Clean?
What is your least favorite cleaning chore and why?

Happy Tuesday!

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