Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back 2 Basics - Thank You Notes

It's Tuesday, and time to chat about the basics
we've seemed to ignore as life has progressed.
Let's challenge ourselves to incorporate some of the basics
back into our daily living.

Today's basic is all about...Thank You Notes

The party's over, cake crumbs have been swept, and dishes washed. It's time to thank our friends for celebrating with us. How is this accomplished with an 8-year-old girl who sees it as an insurmountable task? Write them soon after the party!

According to The Blue Book of Social and Friendly Correspondence...

"The letter of thanks...must be sent as soon as possible after the receipt of the gift.
 The recipient must write it."


"Children's letters may be written on ordinary stationery,
but it adds a good deal of interest to their letter writing
 if they may use some of the several pretty, special styles..."

LittleGirl and I used some leftover paper scraps from her party to create her Thank You Notes.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I helped her with the first note. We discussed what we liked about the gift, the friend who gave it, and why it made LittleGirl happy to receive it. We also talked about how to write from the heart, and how writing this way would convey through words how LittleGirl feels.

I'm proud to report LittleGirl thoughtfully wrote out each of the cards thereafter, and even drew a little picture of a cupcake on each note. We also printed the group photo of her party-mates to include with her Thank You's.

Don't know where to start? Here are the basics...

  1. Set aside some quiet time the day after the party for writing.
  2. Purchase or make your notecards.
  3. Think about what you want to 'say' before you write!
  4. Write your note, including at least three sentences of gratitude for the gift and your friend.
  5. Close with "Sincerely" or "Love".
  6. Address the envelope and seal closed.
  7. Add a stamp.
  8. Post your note.
Congratulations! You're now back to the basics of writing Thank You Notes!

Do you write Thank You Notes?
Do you write them for your children, or do they write them?

What is the best Thank You Note you ever received?

Happy Tuesday!

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