Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back 2 Basics - Birthday Parties

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments yesterday.
I laughed and may have even snorted over a few.
Just to set the record straight...THOSE ARE MOST ASSUREDLY NOT MY FEET!
My piggies may not be polished, but they are far from being that disgraceful.

PS...Please remember Son#2 today. He's already up and complaining of stomach cramps, a classic
sign of 'test-itis'. He's taking his PASS Writing Exams today from 9am-12pm

It's Tuesday, and time to chat about the basics
we've seemed to ignore as life has progressed.
Let's challenge ourselves to incorporate some of the basics
back into our daily living.
Today's basic is all about...Birthday Parties

So LittleGirl is turning eight this week. If you've ever been around girls this age, you've discovered they like to turn everything into an EVENT. They can make even the most mundane tasks something special. (That's one of my favorite things about LittleGirl!). Birthday parties nowadays seem to require pulling out all the stops to celebrate; however, in my few years of parenting, I've learned that those big blowout bashes you see on television (thankyousomuchMarthaStewart) simply overwhelm kids and make other Moms cringe at the thought of trying to recreate it for their children.

Using Everyday FOODS Textbook by Jessie W. Harris and Elisabeth Lacey Speer (1944), birthday parties can and should be pretty simple.

                 "Everybody likes a party. Many of us enjoy parties most when we are hosts and have invited our friend to make merry with us."

                  "Parties for special occasions are easy to plan and are effective...the refreshments at children's parties are important, but they must be simple. Candles, favors, and small hard candies contribute to the menu, but is is not usually complete without ice cream and cake."
All a birthday party requires is a bit of planning and a master list. After deciding how many guests you're willing to allow your child to invite, an effective plan of action is adopted. For children, a good rule of thumb is to limit the number of guests to the child's age. Two hours is an acceptable time limit for small partiers. Here are the basics...

1.   Send invitations - two weeks before the party.
2.   If using a theme, begin amassing or making decorations.
3.   Outline the order of events (Meet/Greet, Activity/Game, Opening Presents, Eating Cake, etc.)
4.   Plan the menu.
5.   Fix up those GoodyBags...optional and a completely separate post
6.   Bake (or order) the cake.
7.   Prep the Party Room, rearranging furniture if necessary.
8.   Decorate and set the tables.
9.   Let the Party commence!
10. Smile and thank your guests for attending, brightly waving them 'good-bye'.
11. Take a deep breath. You did it!

Congratulations! You're now Back 2 Basics on Birthday Parties!

What is your best party memory from your childhood?
What made it so special?

Happy Tuesday!

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