Thursday, March 3, 2011

Au Courant Crafts

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of just reading and being inspired,
here is another new blog feature.
Out with Thursday Concatenation, and in with Au Courant Crafts!

Thrifty Cloche Crafting

Have you seen those pretty cloches popping up all over Bloggerville? I think it all started with Pottery Barn or Ballards, or one of those yummy stores from which everyone loves to knock off designs. A glass dome lid, a base, and something to stick inside the dome. This seems like pretty easy crafting to me...that's the number one priority for me...EASY. Due to the nature of my attention span, quick is second on my list.

So here I was a few Saturdays ago running errands by myself. GASP! A Saturday morning with just me! What's a girl to do? Hit all the thrift stores en route to required stops. ('Cause really...I'd rather not take the kids with me into Salvation Armani or Benevolence Boutique. I'm a germ phobe; and those places seem to be creeping with hairy-eyed Cooties...Sorry. I've digressed.)

I walked into the store and marched straight back to the Wall of Domesticity to begin my search.
 I scanned up and down those shelves, holding my breath as I awaited something fabulous to reach my eyes. And there it was...a cheese dome without its base. I carefully picked it up for closer examination. As I turned it around, choir angels began singing...on the opposite side of the glass was a monogrammed 'M' etched in white. It was fate. I had to have it. (The letter 'M' begins my last name.)

Now, I needed a base for this purty little mongrammed dome. Looking high and low, bumping and rubbing elbows (eww!) with my fellow Boutique buyers, my sights zeroed in on four creamy white plates stacked and taped together. I flipped them over and discovered they were from Pier1. Placing the dome atop the stack, it fit perfectly. I quickly gathered a few other items for later crafting use, and hurried to the register. My total for the cheese dome and plates was a mere $2.80.

I came home, washed everything up, and pulled out my craft bag. This big bag of crafting goodies holds bits and pieces of leftover craft items as well as a crafty cache of new things. Armed with some green eyelash yarn, three little eggs, and a reedy nest...Ta-da! I have a thrifty cloche to brighten my foyer! And it only set me back $1.45. (The plates were $1.80/4. That's 45 cents a plate!)

My $1.45 Au Courant Crafty Cloche!

Au Courant Crafty Cloche
Please excuse the dust on my foyer table.
Yikes! I had no idea it looked like that
until I uploaded this photo! (Sorry, Mom.)
Isn't it sweet? I have it sitting atop a fancy wooden fruit bowl, I lovingly refer to as The Big Chalice. See the little birdie standing guard? It makes a lovely vignette in my foyer.

I have changed one thing since I took this photo. I painted the bird a creamy white to match the base of the plate. If you scroll back up to the top, you'll see I loved it so much I used it for the Au Courant Crafts button.

What have you been crafting?

Do you think I should paint
The Big Chalice a creamy white too?

Happy Crafting
and Happy Thursday!

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