Thursday, March 24, 2011

Au Courant Crafting - Birthday Decor

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of
simply reading and being inspired,
Thursday's posts are all about my latest crafting efforts.

I saw this darling topiary created from cupcake liners, and it sparked an idea for LittleGirl's party decorations. Here's my version. This is a pictorial tutorial, so please be patient while the eight photos load. Click on any of the snaps to enlarge.

You will need a Foam Wreath (mine is 6"), Mini Cupcake Liners (100 ct), Scraps of Tulle or Tulle Ribbon, 1/2" Ribbon, Hot Glue, and a Large Paperclip to complete this easy craft.

Grab a foam wreath from the Dollar Store
With a serrated knife, carefully cut the wreath in half.

With one half, cut a small segmant away, about 4 inches.
Place atop the circle, slicing small pieces to proper fit.
Hot glue top and bottom together.

Open cupcake liners, turn inside out and flatten.

Apply a dab of hot glue to the front of your wreath.
Gather one cupcake liner into a petal shape.
Place on wreath, holding a moment as the glue cools.
Work small sections at a time.
I found I could glue about 5 liners at a time.

Continue placing liners,
filling all areas on the top side of your wreath.
Leave a 3-inch space (void of liners)
at the top right section of the top wreath ring.

Using your tulle scraps or ribbon,
wrap the empty wreath section.
Secure on the back with a dab of glue.
Create a fluffy bow with tulle,
and hot glue into place.
(Be generous with the glue - and watch your fingers!)

To cover the sides of the wreath,
glue 1/2" ribbon, following around the perimeter
of the wreath sides.

Bend the paperclip into a 'U' shape.
Bend the tops down 1/2" and stick into the back of the wreath.
This forms a hanger for your wreath. Secure with glue

That's all there is to it.
It takes about an hour, and less than $3 to complete.

What have you been crafting this week?

Do you craft birthday decorations
 or purchase a themed party set?

Happy Thursday!

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