Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sharing Your Blog

Hey bloggy friends! I received an email this morning from Brent over at Mcklinky. He's been graciously supporting over 16000 bloggers with their linky parties without pay. While I love to blog hop, and have even used Brent's fabulous Linky tools, I cannot justify the expense of  his more-than-fair-pricing of a yearly subscription for the Linky hook-ups.

I'm simply blogging for fun right now. If ever I 'go pro' this will be the Linky tool I use. :o)

Have you added your button or blog link on my SHARE YOUR BUTTONS/BLOGS page? If not, head over there RIGHT NOW. The Link list will be deactivated and closed February 7th. I'll keep the page up on my NavBar, so others can peruse and choose a button to click and see your fabulous blogs. You just won't be able to add your link after Monday.

So get over there right now and add your link!
And here's a shout-out to Brent...THANKS for creating such a wonderful blogging tool.
I've met some wonderful people because of it. :o)

Happy Saturday!

I'm back to cleaning and then some sewing. :o)

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