Monday, February 28, 2011

Frugal Grocery February Tally

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Frugal February Tallies

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Well, here we are on the last day of the month and a personal challenge to stock up the personal hygiene pantry. So, what did I learn as I tried to create a 6-month cleanliness cache? At least two things... Good hygiene comes at a price!  and Patience is a couponing character trait in which to invest in oneself.

The first half of the month, I clipped. And clipped. And clipped. Scouring the Sunday papers, when I found 'good' coupons that would definitely benefit my family, I would purchase more than one paper. I figured if I was going to spend the time clipping to save, I might as well cash in and really stock up on the goods.

Alas, there really were no sales to motivate me to hop in the car and ride all over town. (With petrol prices climbing, the days of joy riding are over!) Then, the last full week of February arrived. I hit parsimonious paydirt! Every name brand of the products I use were on sale! Woo-Hoo! Here's the tally...

Number Purchased              Final
Bar Soap (74¢ each)
Toothpaste (68¢ each)$16.746$4.10
Shampoo (88¢ each)$12.5010$8.80
Kleenex (92¢ each)$15.0012$10.99
Shaving Gel ($1.40 each)$11.164$5.58
Toothbrushes (FREE)$2.9912FREE

Overall, I saved a total of 52% off the retail grocery prices. And, of course, I have a nice little supply of personal provisions for quite some time. The bonus to all this...the family is completely on board with stockpiling. Since I was clipping coupons anyway, I decided to have a go at it (again!) and fill the shelves with provender provisions. We managed to spend only $310.90 on all groceries this month. That's a savings of almost $200 for our monthly allotted grocery budget!  Even more fabulous is the stockpiling we did. Over the next few months, we'll only need to purchase perishable items.

I purchased scads of canned goods:  Veggies, Soup, Beans, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Jelly, Peanut Butter, and Coffee.  Scores of Condiments and Dressings were purchased for pennies. Some were even free! I even managed to stock up on Cereal (15 boxes!) that's a definite staple around here.

So is couponing each week worth it? I've assuredly seen the benefits. Will I continue? Well, next week one of the local groceries is offering to double coupons up to $1.99 value. DH and I have been talking about it, and I've decided to walk through the store this weekend with my 75¢ - $1.00 off coupons. I'll scan the prices and determine if I can walk out of that store spending next to nothing.

And now that I'm on a roll clip, clip, clipping; I might as well continue saving. Less moulah spent at the grocery equates to a bigger fabric budget, right? ;o)

How did you save during this Frugal February Challenge?
 Do you find coupons to be worth the time and effort?

Happy Monday!

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