Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Concatenation

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I was startled awake this morning by screaming, then I realized it was me. I had a terrible nightmare that one of my children was lost. I frantically searched and searched, crying and calling out in every direction. Finally, I found the child. As this sweet little person comes running to me, a big yellow truck with a plow on the front barrels down the dirt road. I shout for my baby to stop, running all the while to scoop my sweet child out of harm's way. I woke up shouting right before impact.

I'm thankful it was only a dream. Do you have vivid and sometimes crazy dreams? I dream quite a bit, though it's usually very happy events swirling around in my sleepy mind. Nightmares leave me drenched and wrung out. Waking up with heart palpitations is not fun, I tell you. And my nightmares seem to always involve something happening to someone I love dearly. What's that all about? Anyone care to analyze? :o)

Thursday Concatenation
I love to read blogs and look at so many different websites!
 There are wonderful blogs that I have found.
Even though we don't write about the same subjects,
or necessarily share all the same interests, we're connected by our blogs.
I have many interests, and therefore, read blogs on all sorts of topics.
That's CONCATENATION...a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events.
 In an effort to share and connect the blogs/sites I enjoy reading, I'm featuring three of them each Thursday.

No, I don't create video games as a side job; however, Son#1 is very interested in creating video games.
He's been helping a game developer by creating the animated characters, GIFs, for a retro computer game. Since Son#1 is interested, that makes me interested. I want to learn all I can, so I am able to provide him with the information he needs to excel in his endeavours. Game Developer is not only a website, it's also a magazine. There is a fairly in-depth edition for parents...Game Career Guide that will outline what jobs in the video gaming industry are available. If anything, it's interesting to read and will give you the basics while encouraging your child in his pursuits/hobby. Do you have a gamer in your house?
When I want to try something new in PaintShop Pro or add some flair to my blog pages, gURL is the website I visit. There are templates, html codes, java scripts, and tutorials. The webpage is somewhat generic-looking; however, that makes it easy to navigate. If you want to improve your blog design or work on your html code skills, take a look at this site.
This site has a great collection of all things crafty. Their byline is "make and share step-by-step craft tutorials" and they live up to that name! The projects range from 'funky' to 'classy' to 'quirky' to 'elegant'. This isn't the usual crafting website. There are quite a few young crafters that contribute. If you want to keep tabs on the pulse of the up and coming crafters, this is the site to visit.
Which sites are your favorites to visit?
Happy Thursday!

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