Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tackle Tuesday

I'm learning how to remove objects from photos. Sometimes there are unwanted items (or people!) in your photos. You think, "This snapshot would be fabulous without ________ in it."

I'm sure there are better ways to accomplish this feat; however, I'm a beginner at Photoshopping/editing images. Here's one on which I practiced removing someone...

See the lady on the left in the green skirt?
Click snap to enlarge.

I used the cloning tool in JASC PaintShop Pro (not affiliated or compensated, just the software I use ).  Since the woman behind the lady in green was wearing black pants, I cloned the fabric to erase the top portion of the 'green' lady's body.

I then used my cloning tool around the background (the back wall). Everything still looked a little 'fixed' or off, so I decided to put something in the position where the lady in green had been. I found a photo online that would work. I copied that image and pasted as a transparent image and new layer  onto my photo. Here's how it turned out...

The lady in green is gone!
Click snap to enlarge
What do you think? It's not perfect, but it's a do-able solution. I'm still working on the entire process. One day, I'd like to be able to pull people from one image and place them in another the 'right' way. For now, this is an easy way to practice PhotoShopping or editing my snapshots. :o)

What are you Tackling this Tuesday?
Do you use PaintShop or another photo editing software?

Happy Tuesday!

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