Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing Redemption

While the boys had their online classes this morning, I shirked my chores to redeem my sewing self.
I'll post more about it later, but I just had to share...
Ah, life in the sewing room is good once again! :o)

Thanks for all the well-wishes and 'been there' thoughts.
I really appreciate them, and will respond to each lovely comment soon.
Back to reality and the 'grime' of daily living. ;o)
Happy Monday afternoon! :o)

UPDATE:  Find the FREE pattern here!

Tomorrow is Sew & Tell Friday, and I've made a matching set of PJ's for LittleGirl.
Be sure to stop back by for a peek. :o)


  1. I love your simplistic patterns, they are so easy to follow and I always appreciate the simple things in life since the stroke. Thank you so much for sharing your talents this way. It wouldn't go amiss if you wanted to open a pay pal account and accept donations. Even if you just asked for $1.00 you would be surprised how it all adds up and we on this side of the transaction get to really say Thank You in a small way. God Bless, Anne

    1. Anne, you are precious.
      I am so humbled by your sweet words, and will take your suggestion under advisement.
      My domain was set to expire, and I just couldn't leave this beloved blog of mine.
      I've been toying with re-opening it and presenting some new patterns.
      Please do share when you create something. You are always welcome to email me at seamsinspired at charter dot net. Happy Sewing!


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