Monday, January 3, 2011

Routine Monday

I thrive on having a routine. I like knowing that on Mondays and Wednesdays the boys will have online classes in the mornings. I like knowing that on Tuesdays LittleGirl has extra-curricular activities after school. I like knowing that on Thursdays I will run errands in town.

While we had a fabulous holiday season, I was ready to return to a routine by last Tuesday. I'm so glad we're starting a routine again this morning. Christmas break is almost a week too long for our
 family.  Because I thrive on adhering to a routine, my kids are pretty much the same. Yesterday I heard, all too often, "I'm bored! What can I do?"

Washing baseboards always seems to cure the boredom blues. :o) Nah, I didn't really make them wash the baseboards; however, I usually reply to their question with "If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean!"

Back to the routine means more sewing time for me. I didn't stitch much...hemming pants doesn't count. I did whip up a very easy and very fast Fleece Scarf and Hat for Cutie's American Doll. Since it went together in under 10 minutes (seriously...that fast!), I don't think it counts for sewing...simply because it didn't satisfy the sewing urge. Here's what's on my list:

Mug Rugs - I really want to whip up some of these 5x7 coaster/snack mats.

Doll Scarf & Hat - Since Cutie was visiting Grandma, and we don't get to see her often, I wanted to send her off with something special. Now LittleGirl wants something special for her doll too. :o)

Monogrammed Pillow Covers - These are for Jfer. She's been patiently awaiting these covers. Her bed is naked right now.

Sewing Machine Duster - Talk about naked! My machines desperately need dressing. I want to play with my embroidery machine, so I may monogram and then stitch up some covers for my machines. Yep...that's plural...Four sewing machines, one serger, one embroidery unit...all equally loved for their sewing abilities.

So what's on your agenda today?
 Do you love a routine too?
Or do you prefer each day to be
a crazy surprise of fun-filled events?

Happy Monday!

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