Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing in the Kitchen

The boys diligently worked and finished up their schoolwork, so they could get outside and make good use of their sled...which has only been used twice in their lifetime! While they play outside, I decided to play in the kitchen. Upon their return to a warm home, they'll be greeted with Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Butterscotch Morsels, and some Chocolate Hearts.

The cookies start with a chocolate cake mix. Add a couple of eggs, some melted butter, throw in the chocolate chips and butterscotch morsels, and bake. Simple and delicious!

This is my first attempt at molding chocolate. Since there are 48 kids in Littlegirl's class this year, the thought of having her sit and write out all those valentine's made me a bit nauseous. We decided to make candy hearts, seal them in little bags with a valentine sticker, and merrily proclaim, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Since this isn't something I've tried before, I wanted to make a few attempts to perfect my molding skills. What better guinea pigs than my family? :o) The plate is one I use often. When my babies were babies, we went to one of the make-your-own-pottery cafes to paint plates. We decided to use their handprints in the center once they had decorated the edges of their plates. The boys said, "Momma! You make your handprint too!"

So I did.

This is the plate I use when serving goodies at home, or taking treats to share with others. I ALWAYS get my plate returned. :o)

While they are munching away on the cookies, we'll begin Son#2's Literature assignment for 2nd semester. We're going to read Swiss Family Robinson. Can't wait to get started! They should be back inside soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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