Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Attention, Lovely Readers...We Have a Tween

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Today, we're celebrating a big birthday. Son#2 turns eleven! Oh, how this little guy changed my world. :o) He arrived the quickest. We checked into the hospital at 9:30am, and we were looking at this gorgeous creature a little after noon...12:30pm to be precise. I've been chasing him, hanging on and speeding through the fast-lane of this spirited boy's life ever since. It's a blast!

Son#2 is bright and beautiful. He's exuberant and ebullient, seizing every moment he can to enjoy and experience life. He loves to cuddle, and loves to be loved. His hazel eyes are all-telling to the very depths of his being. I ALWAYS know what Son#2 is feeling when I peer into those eyes. His heart is generous. He's always the last one to release his arms from a hug...and he hugs a lot! It's one of his most endearing traits.

Son#2 is unique in his family status:  He is both Little Brother and Big Brother, something no one else in our family of five can claim. Son#2 has worked hard to carve out his niche. He's had to follow in the footsteps of Son#1, striving to catch up and meet the challenges set forth. He's tangled with being a good example for LittleGirl, sometimes desperately holding back the irritation only a younger sibling can invoke. ;o)

Son#2 faces life without fear.
I admire his strength and courage, as he is willing to accomplish physical feats I would never consider. He taught his older brother to roller blade. He is honing his skills as a marksman with his compound bow. He is 'all boy.' He charges through his days with loud exclamations and an alacrity that is unmatched by anyone I know.

Oh, life is all the sweeter for having this boy in my life. What an amazing eleven years it has been. I've been enriched and blessed beyond words. I think I found the ideal description for Son#2, aptly used on his christening announcements:

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above..."
James 1:17                         

Happy, Happy Birthday, Son#2!
Thanks for being my boy. :o)

Son#2 loves to receive email.
If you'd like to send him a birthday greeting,
you can email him via my address:
  seamsinspired at charter dot net

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