Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ups and Downs Decade

I've enjoyed my stroll down Memory Lane this week. Today I turn 40! As I reflect over my last decade, I realize I experienced some major Ups and Downs. I gave birth to my third child and became Momma to a LittleGirl. Life became a whirlwind of chasing toddlers and diapering babies, teaching ABCs and living life through a child's eyes; wiping noses and hineys, rocking and reading kids to sleep. I've blinked and those babies are becoming self-sufficient children and (gasp) almost teenagers.

I've battled post-partum depression along the way. Thank you to the makers of Zoloft for bringing me back to my 'normal.' :o) I got to use my 7th grade knowledge of the judicial system to battle crazy neighbors in court. I still haven't figured out how to make water run uphill and flood a neighbor's house! LOL I lost two of the dearest people who helped shape my life, Grandma and Grandpa. I am thankful to have had them with me into my 30's. I miss them so much that I sometimes have to have a great big, blubbering boo-hoo fest for them.

I've watched my darling DH lose his health and retire much too early. Those health problems have created fear beyond imagination, but brought us both so much closer together as we fight these issues hand in hand. It's also strengthened our faith beyond what I could possibly have envisioned. We pray a lot more and dig into our Bibles a little deeper to find understanding in all of this.

All in all, the Ups have far outweighed the Downs. Actually, I feel so blessed by living a 'charmed' life, it almost scares me. It's been a fabulous 40 years. I look forward to the next, God willing, forty. Happy Birthday to me. :o)

This post is already too long. I'll post the questions in a few moments. :o)
Happy Thursday!

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