Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Tackle

This is the tree from our Christmas Gift Tags.
I create personalized tags each year.
Since it contains our family info,
I've cropped it down to the image. :o)

The kids want to go shopping at the mall. I'm not a fan of the mall, but I'll take them after a little negotiating...because I need their help this afternoon. :o) I'm ready to take the Christmas decorations down. Does anyone else start feeling a little claustrophobic after a spending a few weeks with the tree, wreaths, and other decorations all around?

My eyes are drawn to the twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments. They need a rest. Today, I plan to pull everything down except for our Nativity. Here's how I tackle the Christmas take-down...

1.  Send Son#1 up to the attic to retrieve the boxes.

2.  Holler at Son#2 to stop playing on the attic stairs.

3.  Gather up and wrap all the Christmas tschotskes, and place them in their designated boxes.

4.  Take down the stockings, making sure to check for any candies in the toes.

5.  Send the boys outside to remove the wreaths, reminding them not to use them as hula hoops.

6.  Remove the garland and lights around the front porch.

7.  Give everyone a pep talk about 'team work' and helping Mom without rolling your eyes.

8.  Undress the tree, starting with the gold star on top.

9.  Remove each ornament color by color, because Mom is a little OCD and that's what makes her lovable and quirky.

10.  Start the attic ascent with the boxes, yelling  gently reminding "Be careful! There's breakables in those boxes!"

11. Close up the attic and dream of a house built with exposed beams and a storage room on the ground floor.

What are you tackling today?
Happy Tuesday!

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