Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thrifty Forty with the Sisters

Jfer...aka...Baby Sis
If you have not had the good fortune to share your life with a sister, stop reading and ring up your Mom and Dad and tell them to make you one! I cannot imagine life without my sisters! They are truly the best friends a girl could ever have. While we had moments of sibling rivalry growing up, there is such vast depth in the Good Times Memory Pool, that those aggravating minutes of not getting along are seemingly small.

JuJu...the Middle Sister
Now that we are grown and our lives are busy with raising kids, cleaning house, and working jobs, our time together is  strategically planned and cherished. We regularly get together and have a Girls' Night. Sometimes we meet just to spend time together, but most often these days, we meet to celebrate the events in our lives. Mom is always included in this, for we wouldn't be here without Mom. :o) And we have the best time!

Seams Inspired, Mammers, and Jfer
at the theatre
 Last weekend, the Girls (that's what I've always called my sisters...they're practically twins, just 15 months apart!) came to town for a visit to celebrate my milestone. Birthdays have always been a big deal in our home. Mom made sure we celebrated with much fanfare and cake from the moment we awoke on our 'Big Day.' When a milestone birthday was reached, she'd pull out the stops and what a celebration we'd have! We've all experienced big bashes, surprise bashes, and tiny parties over the years.

I'm more of a tiny party kind of girl, so the Sisters and Mom respected my wishes for a small celebration. They took me to the theatre, where we watched a great rendition of The Christmas Carol performed live on stage. We then went to dinner, sitting by a cozy fireplace, while dining on fabulous food. When we finished, we travelled back to Mom's where we got into our PJ's and proceeded upstairs. There in the den were piles of presents...40 of them.

Now, before you start thinking this was some extravagant and excessive show, I have to tell you. All the presents (except perhaps one or two) were Thrifty finds. :o)  Early in October during our last Girls' Weekend, we decided to play Thrifty Christmas this year. One of the girls, JuJu I think, said, "LaLa (that's me), we're going to Thrifty Gifty you for your birthday! We'll give you 40 thrifty presents!" We all laughed, and we all decided what fun it would be.

Look at all those Thrifty Gifty's!
Side Note :  If you don't have family members with a wide sense of humor, I suggest you find another way to celebrate. While I truly loved all my presents, Thrifty Gifty is not for everyone. You definitely have to have an opened mind to play out this type of gift-giving. ;o)

My Mom and sisters are the best at Thrifty Gifty! The following is a photo montage of the Thrifty Forty Event. Feel free to scroll through quickly. It's probably a lot like watching someone's vacation slides! LOL The first photos are me somewhat posing with each gift. All the gifts were numbered, and every decade was notated with a special quote. The second half of the photo montage are the candid shots. You can see how much fun it was!

Some of my favorites included:  Vintage Photos of my Grandparents, an Electric Tea Kettle, the Little Bird Prints, and the Bible Study and Devotionals.

The best belly laughs were derived from:  The Children of the Cornbread Platters, "Cougar" shirt, Oversized Chalice, and Snow Globe with JuJu in the center!

If I can figure out how to post part of the video from that evening (thanks to Daddy for setting up the camera!) I will give you a glimpse of what it's like when the Sisters and Mom get together for a Girls' Weekend. I promise I'm finished chatting about my 40th birthday! LOL Come back on Monday when I show you how to package up those Thrifty Christmas Gifts and turn them into something special. Happy Saturday! :o)

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