Thursday, December 16, 2010


Our upper county is iced over; therefore, LittleGirl's school is on a 2-hour delay CLOSED.
 ETA...Seams Inspired is NOT happy about the closing.
From her soapbox she professes yet another
validation for dividing this county in Upper & Lower sections.
There is no ice on our roads!!! ARGH!!!

These are the days I wish I homeschooled all my kids.
I'm having trouble stringing together my thoughts, so rather than maundering,
I'll give you a pictorial of our lives this morning.
Happy Thursday!

PJ Pants I started at 5:30 this AM

Eggs for breakfast

Crafty Candles I wrapped in Sheet Music

Found a use for those Antique Shoe Stretchers!

The only one still sleeping!

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