Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favourite Things Friday and a Surprise!

Well, I don't know about you, but this week rolled around much too fast! With school being cancelled for LittleGirl, I wasn't able to complete some last-minute Christmas sewing. Yikes! Looks like I'm going to be doing some 'wee hours' sewing at some point.

Today (it's already 'tomorrow' for our hostess in Australia!) is the last Favourite Things Friday over at Quilting in my Pajamas. Well, not the last I hope...just the last for 2010. Mrs. P has graciously determined we all should be spending time with our friends and families during this holiday season. I couldn't agree more, though I will miss hopping around to everyone's blogs for the next few Fridays. :o)

My pretty chandelier, as seen from my chair in the den.

We have this room in our home that is seen by anyone who raps on the door. Now, I'm in the South, so we call this room the Foyer...y'all that's pronounced foi-ey not foi-yer. Or if you're one of my babies who still can't figure out which is the Foyer, it's The-Green-Room-between-the Hallway-and-the-Living-Room. I have found the Foyer very difficult to decorate. It's too small for a settee or round table placed in the center. It has a door or doorway on every wall. How do you find a focal point for a room like that?!

Maybe I was sending a prayer to heaven, or maybe I was rolling my eyes in frustration; however, I determined that the focal point was gonna be the ceiling. I needed a Statement, on a budget. I scoured the town, turning every lighting store and centre upside down, looking for just the right chandelier. There was everything from formal to casual, grand to gaudy, but I just couldn't find the 'one.' As I was lamenting to one of my sisters, she reminded me about

And there it was...the Statement Piece! It was unusual, a bit quirky, and definitely uncommon. You wouldn't find this in anywhere in my town! The shape was unique and pretty, reminding me of a bouquet of flowers. I loved the colors, as they blended well with the greens, oranges, and golds throughout the rest of our home. And the price was unbeatable! That's why my Foyer Chandelier is one of my Favorite Things.

The Surprise is one of my favorite places to shop. I think their products are outstanding, and you can't beat the shipping...$2.95 no matter what you purchase! Sometimes I like to drool window-shop, though I'm happy at the thought of being able to simply click and fill my shopping cart. :o)

Since I'm in the middle of adding on a small powder room, I spent some time checking out Bathroom Vanities. Though my home is casual and classic, I admire the clean lines of Modern decor. I love this particular vanity!

Both the Girls (my sisters) swear by their Memory Foam Mattresses they purchased from I wonder in what kind of box that gets shipped? ;o)

I've been enjoying the 25 Days 25 Deals that Overstock has been featuring too. I still have a couple of things to cross off my list, so their daily reminders sent to my email have come in handy.

Are you asking yourself, "Hey! What's the surprise?"

It's a COUPON for! Just because you're my bloggy friend, and I love, you can receive an EXTRA 10% OFF any purchase! Here's the PROMO Code you use...


The PROMO Code doesn't expire; however, it can only be used once.
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And ships Worldwide!
I checked, Mrs. P. They ship to Australia!

If you are a new follower today, I have an extra surprise!
Leave me a comment letting me know you're a new follower.
I'll send you a PROMO Code for FREE Shipping on any Electronic Purchases. :o)

Happy Friday!
Have fun shopping! :o)

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own.
No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.


ETA...I couldn't help treating myself to some Sulky Stabilizers for my new-to-me Embroidery Machine...Used my Code and got FREE shipping too! Fabulous pricing, people. I'd have spent over $60 for all of these at my local store. I got them all for $35!!!
 Merry Christmas to me! :o)

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