Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Fast Track Decade

In celebration of a milestone birthday I'll be celebrating,
I'm taking a stroll down Memory Lane this week.
Hope you enjoy ambling up the hill
as I go over it. ;o)

Why would I ever consider my life as unexciting or somewhat boring? I may not be well-traveled, or much of a risk-taker. I have no desire to bungee jump, run a marathon, or climb a mountain to its highest peak. I probably won't set any records for Guinness to record in its books; however, as I look back on my 20's I realize how much I packed into that decade!

The girl from that era embarked on finding a career, moved out on her own, met her future husband, bought her first brand-new car, married, bought a house, remodeled a house, and became a Momma. While working in banking, she learned the most generous people are often those who have the least monetarily. Her stint at The Gap, unloading boxes and hanging clothes at 4am every day, opened her eyes to a worldly group of people whom she never really knew existed up until then. This girl had no idea of chauvinistic behavior until she worked for an architectural and engineering firm! LOL

The girl who was just about to turn 20 met the love of her life. She knew after their first date, she would marry him. He's undeniably (and continues to be) the most amazing person she's ever met. With him, she would find a house and make it a home. She painted walls, sanded floors, helped lay tile, knock down walls, built new walls, and  tried her best to grow green plants and pretty flowers. Then she decided she wanted to be a Momma.

Years passed and frustrations grew. Tension mounted and tears flowed. That girl who wanted a baby couldn't understand why everyone around her seemed pregnant without any problems. She leaned on her faith, and learned one of her biggest life lessons. It's not her's His plan. What she wanted and what she must wait for is His perfect timing. It's a lesson that has remained with her, and has given her much patience and peace.

Baby #1 finally arrived, and the girl who became Momma still stands amazed at that life-changing moment. Baby #2 followed twenty-one months later, almost at the end of this decade. Life was full of feedings and diapers, sleep deprivation and tears, milestones and much laughter. It's also when this girl decided to sew again. She bought a machine and began stitching in the few quiet moments she had. Joy came around full circle in the events during this girl's Fast Track Decade.

A whirlwind of events surround Seams Inspired in this decade!
Click on collage to enlarge

Okay...this is the only week I'll be taking questions. Are you like me, and often wonder about all those bloggers out there? Feel free to post a question you might have about Seams Inspired. We'll have Q&A tomorrow. There have been some very interesting and fun questions so far! Keep them coming! :o)

Jesse Tree Readings
Dec. 8th...Exod 19:1-20:20...symbol...Tablets of the Torah

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