Thursday, December 9, 2010

'40' Questions

What's your secret to looking so fantastic?
Well, thanks for the lovely compliment. I attribute it to good genes (have you seen my gorgeous Mom?)...and large sunglasses coupled with wide-brimmed hats. ;o) Honestly, I always wear my sunglasses whenever I step outside. I have sensitive eyes. :o)

How about your first sewing project? What was it? (I am betting on an apron.)
My first sewing project was not an apron. It was a blanket for the new baby in our neighborhood. I was about 8 years old when I made it. I remember sitting at my Mom's machine, stitching carefully. My next sewing project wouldn't come to fruition until high school. With HomeEc as a requirement (it still should be! ), I learned much about sewing while I stitched a pair of 'Jams' and matching blouse. After that, I didn't take up sewing again until I stayed at home with my children. I love it! It's challenging enough to hold my interest, creative enough to appease the 'muse' in me, and satisfying when I look at the finished project.
How did you get started singing?
I was probably singing in utero! LOL! I've always loved to sing. My Kindergarten Report Card has a notation..."Nice Singer!"  I had my first solo at age six. I can even remember my part! :o) I continued singing throughout my school years, received scholarships and majored in Vocal Music Education in college. In my adult life, my greatest joy singing is when I worship my Creator. My soul fills to overflowing and I enjoy a "Praise High" for days after. :o)

What's your favorite thing to do with your family?
I have the best family in the world! :o) My favorite thing to do with them is pile up on my bed and read together. Sometimes we read a story aloud, but most often we each have a book or magazine we quietly read. We do this right before bedtime. It's wonderful!

What's your favorite TV show?
Right now, I'm completely loving Criminal Minds. For me, it's as good as a suspense novel. I like to try and figure out who the UnSub might be before the FBI profilers do. I think I'd love to be a Profiler. People are fascinating and so quirky to me. ;o)
Tell us... how did you hear about Christ!  /  "How did you come to know Christ?"
I am blessed to have parents that felt church on Sundays was important. Even on vacation, we would find a church to attend. I always knew who Jesus was, but didn't allow Him to save me until I was about 14. I had a sweet girl from school whose Dad happened to be the pastor of a local church. I enjoyed spending time with her and her family, so I would go to Wednesday services with her sometimes. One week, there was a man speaking. (I suppose this was a Revival; however, that term was foreign to me at the time.)  I was so overcome with emotion. His words just pierced my heart! I'd heard of Jesus all my life, but never did I feel the need for Him like I did right then and there. I'm forever grateful and changed by that moment.
Did you date much?
I didn't date much. I usually went to the Homecoming dances and such every year; however, I didn't have steady dates. I grew up in a neighborhood with all boys, so I was one of 'them.' In fact, every day I lunched at a table with just the guys and me. :o) They were the best friends a girl could have! I think I was too unsure of myself at that point in my life to date. I was always very nervous and sick to my stomach before those dances! LOL
Did you like school?
For the most part, I loved school. There were moments high school was just awful, but all in all, I think I was too naive to experience the really rough aspects those years can bring. I tried almost every club offered, so I got to know a variety of people during those four years of school! LOL
Did you work while going to high school?
I did! Actually, I've been working since I was nine-years-old. I hand wrote 'adverstisements' for babysitting services, and 'marketed' myself by dropping notes in the neighbors' mailboxes. :o) I'm thankful to have parents who insisted on a strong work ethic. That ethic has helped me tackle all the jobs I've held through the years. At fifteen, I got a 'real' job working at the Golden Corral. I then worked for Pop-in-Go Video, and Sutherland Lumber during the rest of my school years. I had a car payment and insurance to pay for, so work was the only option. I enjoyed all the jobs, but the lumber company was my favorite. I was one of very few girls who was brave enough to apply for a cashier's position. Those guys were so respectful and treated me very well! LOL

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