Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Concatenation

I love to read blogs and look at so many different websites!

There are wonderful blogs that I have found. Even though we don't write about the same subjects, or necessarily share all the same interests, we're connected by our blogs.
I have many interests, and therefore, read blogs on all sorts of topics.
That's CONCATENATION...a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events.
In an effort to share and connect the blogs/sites I enjoy reading,
I'm featuring three of them each Thursday.
When I'm at a complete loss for what to cook, or I just want to make my mouth water while I surf the web, this is where I look. Allrecipes has thousands and thousands of recipes from which to choose. There are variations on just about everything you can imagine. And remember than recipe your Granny used to cook for you? Well, just type some of the ingredients into the search box, and you'll probably find it. I have some tried and trusted recipes from this site. I highly recommend these:  Mini Meatloaves , Chicken Enchiladas I, and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes.

When DH and I start reminiscing, and then lamenting, about television shows, I look to HULU to find something to watch. My kids don't get it, but there's something just comforting about watching TV programs from my childhood. I like that you can sort the programs by decade from the first years of television to present. Anyone remember Hunter? How about Alfred Hitchcock Presents? There's even Benson! HULU also offers movies, so grab your laptop and plug it into your Flat Screen TV and give it a try!

This blog is why I love blog hops! I don't know that I ever would have found this fabulous blog otherwise. Oh my goodness, the unbelievable things this girl can do with a nasty piece of wood, some paint, and a brush. She makes me want to strip down all my furniture and give it two coats! If you don't visit any other blog today, click over and feast your eyes on the oodles and oodles of projects at Maple & Magnolia. It's well worth the hours of clicking moments of inspiration. :o)

So what are your favorite blogs and sites to visit? Leave me a comment and a link. Happy Thursday!

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