Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday

Let's hope for sunshine and warmth sometime in the next week, please. One of my Thrifty Christmas Challenge gifts needs to be sanded and painted. If the rain and cold (um...did I mention it was the beginning of the Wet Winter Weather of the South?) don't subside, I'm going to have to cover the living room in plastic sheeting. My neighbors might think there's something Dexter-like going on around here.  ;o)

I'm just about finished with my Thrifty gifts. I have a couple of items I'm still searching for, though, I don't feel the squeeze of finding them just yet. Here's what I worked on yesterday...

Since these only take about 20 minutes to stitch up, I plan to sew a few more today. It's simple to change the look with different fabrics, as well as lengthening the skirt. You can find my tutorial and FREE pattern here:  Half Circle Skirt for American Girl Doll

Have you joined in with our Thrifty Christmas Challenge? Even if it's only one thrifty present, you can play with us! :o) Link up your thrifty finds here:  Thrifty Christmas Challenge

Happy Thrifting!

Jesse Tree Readings
November 30th...Genesis 2:4 - 3:24...Symbol...Tree w/Fruit or Apple

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