Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday

Thrifty Fall Fashion

Without a doubt, I love dresses. When I'm in a rush and have only moments to put myself together, a dress is the perfect solution. A dress makes me feel like a lady. I stand a little taller, and walk with a bit more grace, as the skirt of my dress swishes and flows with my every movement.

Dresses can be worn in any season. When Autumn and cooler weather arrives, I love my dresses even more because I can wear them with boots! Paired with some cashmere tights (yum!) I'm sure to stay warm. Do you like to wear dresses?

My "Silly" pose
'cause I'm giddy
over the price!
This dress is one of three I scored at a fabulous sale. I just love the little belt that sits above the waistline. Whether I'm running errands or on a long road trip, this dress with its slinky knit style, will travel well. And the best part...I only paid $2 for it! All in all, I purchased three little knit dresses for a total of $7.

This particular outfit is Thrifty, Thrifty, Thrifty!

The dress was $2.

I already owned the cowl-neck top.

The black leather boots were purchased last season at Salvation Armani for $6...and they still had the tags on them!

What do you think?

Would you guess I was wearing an $8 outfit?

Thrifty Christmas

Because I was busy with my own yard sale this past weekend,
I was unable to shop for Thrifty Christmas. However, I did find time to blast the owls. Wow! It's a messy process (that I'll be showing you soon) but so worth the dust! I think the owls are made of pot metal, not cast iron. While they looked identical under all that paint, they now appear to be individually cast. Each owl has some variations. There are no dates or hallmarks on them, other than a "Made in Taiwan" mark on the back.
Click to enlarge and view the subtle differences in these darling Owls
I'm debating on color. Should I use them for purely decorative purposes? Should I use them as originally intended...trivets? If serving as decor, my color choices are unlimited. If using as trivets, I suppose I should spray them with a heat resistant paint. That will really limit the color. I think that paint only comes in Black, Silver, White, and Red. Hmmm...what color would you paint them?

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