Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday

I have no Thrifty Fall Fashion for you this week. I had planned my 'photo shoot' during yesterday's gloriously sunny afternoon. Alas, I needed to finish outdoor chores first. This included pruning our ornamental cherry tree. I planted it too close to the house, so I'm 'topping' it to prune it into submission encourage it to grow wide and away instead of tall and close. What I didn't count on was a sore back. Ouch! The tree is looking good; however my back is smarting from the overuse of muscles I didn't know I had. I just couldn't psych myself up for changing into several outfits and smiling too. Hopefully, after a few stretches today, I'll have some Thrifty Fall Fashion to show you tomorrow. :o)

Even if you've never thrifted before, check out the page.
You'll be so inspired!

Thrifty Christmas Finds

Dearest family...that's all for you today. Stop reading lest you wish to spoil your Christmas surprises. I know it's difficult, but find another blog to read...RIGHT NOW! ;o)

I'm pretty sure my family has not been heeding my wishes. In an effort to control the surprises, I'm not showing all my thrifty finds today. Until I can see my sisters and Mom up close (yeah, I'm talking about you nosy three!) and get them to pinky-swear, I cannot possibly show you all my fabulous thrifty finds from this weekend.

Here's one of my absolute favorites. I had no one in mind when I purchase these sweet little owl trivets. Well, maybe I had 'me' in mind. :o)

These are about 4 inches tall and made of metal. I saw several people looking at them, picking them up, and setting them back down. Know why? They have just a bit of rust on them. Do I care? Absolutely not!

These will take all of 2 minutes in the Sandblaster to remove the rust, and get them ready for painting. What color do you think I should paint them? Black? Red? Turquoise? Would you like to see a tutorial on Sandblasting? Leave me a comment if you wish to see the process. :o) I'm thrilled with these little owls. The best part...they were only a quarter!

Here's the bulk of my thrifty finds for the weekend. The decorative decanter has different state license plates on each side of its bottle: Kentucky, Nevada, North Dakota, Wisconsin.

I liked it, because it reminded me of TR (my BIL) who is from Kentucky. It will make a nice presentation along with a small bottle of bourbon. :o)

The leather belts are for holding ammunition - 22s and 45s. Although they're typically used  in Cowboy Action shooting, they'll be great for holding ammo during Target Practice. These are for my boys...and me. Yes, I am a multi-faceted gal. I like to go to the Gun Range!

The dessert plates and serving platter with glass dome are brand new! The colors perfectly match a certain family member's kitchen. :o) The little birdie was just too cute to pass up. I'll incorporate that into my thrifty giving somehow. The only items I couldn't resist, but have no idea what to do with, are those antique shoe stretchers. Really? What am I going to do with those? They were simply too interesting to leave on the table. This is where thrifting can get me into trouble. LOL! They were just $1.00, but I HAVE NO USE FOR THEM! So I need some ideas please! What would you do with these shoe stretchers?

Remember last week when I was telling you about all the Christmas decor I received from Yiayia and Papou? Here's a few of the items I plan to use during our Thrifty Christmas.

The cookie jars are going to be filled with homemade goodies for neighbors. When you see those Christmas jars and trays at yard sales, snap them up! They make wonderful presentations for all your holiday foods. :o)

The gold ornaments are not my style; however, they are going to be given a PB-inspired makeover. They'll be decoupaged with tea-stained sheet music. The green garland isn't my style either. It's getting a makeover too. Last year, I had much success spray-painting some DollarStore greenery. This garland is getting the same treatment! I'm thinking of a bronzed metal look. It will look warm and inviting with the tea-stained sheet music ornaments. :o) I feel the need to create another tutorial! LOL Would you like to see a before/after of spray-painted thrifty greens?

What were your thrifty finds this week?
Link them over here on the Thrifty Christmas Challenge page
Please link up each week with your new finds. Seeing new thumbnail snaps is inspiring. :o) Happy Thrifting!

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