Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday

Update for my daily readers...All's well on the homefront. LittleGirl is back to her role of Dramatic Princess, Son#1 is coping with Pink Eye and thankful for the drops. It should be short-lived. Son#2 is still trying to concoct a disease to gain some attention. I guess it's hard being the middle child. :o) Thank you for your good thoughts and well wishes and prayers. They've definitely helped!

Thrifty Fall Outfit

Thrifty Fall Fashion
Grey/black Outfit
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I know, I know. I showed this outfit on Sunday. It went so perfectly with the bible verse, I just had to do it. Consider that a sneak peak. ;o)

This outfit is the thriftiest of all my Fall Outfits...It is made up of FREE pieces. The dress jeans were shopped from my closet. The striped grey top, a must-have color for this season, is from Ju-Ju's cast-offs. The hooded, black wrap cardigan is from Ju-Ju's closet too. She bought it, and decided she didn't like it after all. I love it!

The belt is vintage. It's about 25-30 years old, and came from Yiayia's closet. I love that belt! I love that it's wide and really cinches in my waist. I love the big gold buckle. Sometimes, if I feel like making some noise, I'll add some little gold coins to the bottom of the buckle. They can really help dress up an outfit. I left the coins off, because this outfit is all about being casual. It's comfy with it's stretch-knit fabrics and easy-going style. And it's one of the only outfits of mine that includes denim pants.

I'm not a big fan of jeans. I think there are so many other fabulous alternatives to wear. I love fashion and 'dressing-up' so, even though I might never leave home today, why limit myself to wearing just jeans and a t-shirt? This is the only pair of jeans I own. Well, I have one other pair; however, I wear those for yard-work. Do you prefer jeans or do you like to be casual in something else? Next week, I'll be showing my latest thrifty finds to wear with boots!

Dearest family...that's all for you today. Stop reading lest you wish to spoil your Christmas surprises. Mom...that means you. I know it's difficult, but find another blog to read...RIGHT NOW! ;o)

Thrifty Christmas Finds

I didn't thrift this weekend; however, some amazing items found their way into my home. Yiayia and Papou decided to clean out the attic. My-oh-my what fun for me! Yiayia had some gorgeous Christmas decorations that I can't wait to show you...alas, my camera batteries have died. Once they re-charge, I'll post snaps. So sorry about that, Shay. I know you are desperately waiting for some Christmas Decor Inspiration.

Before the camera died, I managed to snap these great finds:

American Girl Art Studio
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 This will have to be supplemented with some new Colored Pencils, which I have in my School Supply Cabinet; but everything else is in there. And the bonus...this is LittleGirl's AG doll, Samantha. You know, the one who lost her leg last week.

Samantha awaiting Color!
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There is a fabulous art pad filled with coloring-page images of Samantha. LittleGirl is going to have a blast with this! Here's what the pages look like...

I also found this tucked away in the bottom of a box...

Hmmm...it's made of a tapestry-like fabric with a metal zipper that glides around the entire opening. Wonder what's inside?

Wow-oh-wow! I love opening up cases and finding fabulous contents!

Just look at all that knitting and crocheting bounty! I can't wait to inventory all the needles. There has to be one of every size/kind of knitting needle. There are gauges and measuring tools. I even found a thimble. This is such an exciting find, that I may have to keep it for myself. All's fair in love and thrifting, right? :o)

What were your thrifty finds this week? Link them over here on the Thrifty Christmas Challenge page! It's okay to link up each week with your new finds. Seeing new thumbnail snaps is inspiring. :o)  Happy Thrifting!

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