Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Miscellany

I didn't get out and thrift this weekend, but I hit the jackpot! Yiayia and Papou hired out my boys to help clean out the attic. In return, we had first-pick on the clean-outs. I've got some fantastic Christmas decorations...well, they will be when I finish with them. Ornaments make great gifts for your neighbors and friends. I'm envisioning a tree filled with thrifted ornies to give to others when they stop by for a visit. Hmmm...think DH would mind if I put the tree up early this year? ;o) Come back tomorrow to see what I'm going to do with all my thrifted goodness. Then link up your Thrifty Finds and tutorials. :o)

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LittleGirl spent yesterday down with a stomach bug.
Her fever broke late last night, and I'm happy she is feeling better this morning. She'll stay home today, so we don't 'spread the love' to her classmates. She's such a darling. She just wanted me to sit with her and hold her. Who doesn't want just love and compassion when they're not feeling well? During a quiet moment, she turned to me and said, "Momma, thanks for taking care of me. It makes me know you love me."

Son#1 awoke and proclaimed in his deep and ever-changing voice, "I have Pink Eye! Man, I didn't touch anything and I've got Pink Eye! Know how I know? I couldn't open my eye this morning. It was all goopy with crud. That's disgusting. It's not like I'm some 2-year-old who touches everything and then touches my face! This sucks! I know, I know...Language."

What a way to be greeted in the morning! LOL Son#1 is very disgusted at the thought of having a 'baby' virus. It was really hard not to laugh at his tween-almost-teen angst. The good news is that I have drops on hand. The better news is that since he schools at home, he won't miss a day! :o)

I've yet to see Son#2 and discover what diseases he may bring my way. Pretty much just a typical Monday at our house. What's going on at yours?

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