Friday, November 5, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Fridays sure seem to roll around fast! Maybe it's because my boys have been hard at work with all their schooling. :o) Son#1 is working on an Autobiographical Essay, about the time he saw an otter swim by him while he was tubing on the Chattahootchee River (I'm not making up that name! I'm in the South, remember?). He writes like he talks. Have I mentioned he talks in a technical and detailed manner? At least being detailed means few grammatical errors!

Son#2 is writing a Narrative Essay about watching a jet explode, not a real jet. It was one of those RC planes at a Fly-In. Son#2 isn't as detailed with the beginning and end of the story; however, he's all about the  'meat' of the story. He's been digging around in the Thesaurus to find more descriptive words for 'explosion' and 'chunks of plane flying everywhere, dude!' It's been a fun week watching their stories develop.

Favourite Things Friday

Have you gone over to Quilting in My Pyjamas and linked up your Favourite Thing for Friday? You haven't? Get yourself over there right now! Well, after you read my post. ;o) If you don't want to play, you can at least read along and see all the wonderful favourites for this Friday. And here's a shout-out to Michelle. We miss you, girl! Hope Charley is sleeping through the many miles as you travel cross-country to your new destination. And we hope to see you again playing FTF next week! :o)

I have a friend who is so faithful. She is steadfast and loyal. She changes only when I do, never admonishing me when I tell her to give me a little more room. When I've worked hard, she delights in my transformation and becomes a little more demure, allowing me to revel in my accomplishment.

My friend loves to dress up! She's been known to wear special outfits for any holiday, Easter, Christmas, even Thanksgiving. She even once was a bit scandalous, wearing only a patchwork apron and boa to a Pampered Chef party!

She has great fashion sense. She tells me straight out when an outfit doesn't work. She will never lie if I've sewn a crooked seam, or something doesn't hang right. She'll stand straight and still to help me get a hem pinned just right. I couldn't sew anything for myself without her.

That's why Matilda, known affectionately as 'Tillie' to me, is one of my Favourite Things.

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