Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Two...Give Thanks for Recipes

 Note to Mom...
This is for my boys, because I knew they'd
think it's hilarious. :o)
Clipart from Squid Art Too

Hey, Mom! I know you were busy with a weekend seminar and church activities; however, my dear bloggy friends are anxiously awaiting to try your Fabulous Dressing Recipe.

Would you please call me as soon as you read this? I'm sure I could use a good scolding for addressing you here on my blog in hopes of embarrassing you into quickly relinquishing your recipe box of aforementioned ingredients list. :o) Of course, you do realize I think you are without a doubt The Most Fantastic Mom Who Ever Existed. I can't wait to talk to you! Love-n-hugs...Your favorite child.

Sweet bloggy friends...when I hear from Mom (which might be never, now) I will post the Dressing Recipe.
It's just like my teenage years, right? ;o)

Fabulous Dressing

For now, I'll give you my Cream Corn Casserole Recipe. I call it 'mine' though that's not accurate.
 This recipe came from a lovely co-worker of DH's. Kimmie-Poo, as we fondly called her, was a sensational cook. Everyone always looked forward to the Potluck Luncheons, because Kimmie would be bringing a delectable dish. She was always willing to share her culinary treasure trove of recipes with anyone who asked.

Kimmie-Poo passed away a few years ago. I always think of her pretty smile, spiky blond hair, and colorful outfits when I make this Cream Corn Casserole. I remember the day she gave me the recipe, bubbling with laughter as she said, "Oh, it's so easy to bake. And so delicious! Girl, it's not healthy one little bit, but your gonna love it!"

I hope you love it too.

Happy Feasting!

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