Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where I Want to Go

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Son#1 and I cleaned up the yard yesterday afternoon. I love Autumn...even if it means raking leaves. Over the years, I've developed a method to reduce the severity of this chore. For me, I have found that if every two days I blow the leaves off the drive and sidewalks, up into the yard, and then ride over them with the tractor and its mulching kit attachment, it's much easier on me and all my yard equipment. It's an easier task than to wait until a week has gone by and Saturday is in full swing. And the bonus for me, well two bonuses actually:  (1) Son#1 likes to ride the tractor, so he takes care of the backyard, and (2) it is fabulous exercise! I get into really good shape every Fall whether or not I'm trying. Bring on the holiday treats! :o)

If my planets align along with everyone else in my household, here's where I want to go today.

This weekend is supposed to be the peak of all the mountain's Autumn brilliance. I love to drive up the Parkway and soak in the sunshine yellows, exuberant oranges, and fiery reds of all the trees. It's gorgeous and peaceful, and so inspiring! I can't think of a better way to spend an October Saturday with my family! What are your plans for today?

PS...Here's a shout-out to Old Geezer. Happy Blogoversary! Hope your day is fabulous! :o)

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