Friday, October 8, 2010

Tough Week and Sweet Success

One of the challenging things about homeschooling, is finding a way to make a subject understandable. Since multiplication was rough, I was worried about fractions. Something clicked along the week, and I'm happy to report Son#2 just completed his Math Assessment and scored...wait for it...100% YEAH! Sweet Fraction Success! :o)

Next up on our tough week was Nouns. Typically, these aren't difficult, right? Person, place, or hard can it be? Discerning between Subject Complements and Direct Objects was definitely rough stuff for us.

I just couldn't find a good explanation to help Son#2 understand the distinction between the two. Finally, we had a breakthrough. So here's a little reference for you should you find yourself needing to explain the difference between Subject Complements (SC) and Direct Objects (DO). Feel free to gloss over this if your eyes are crossing from boredom of English Lessons; however, be aware I did make you a cute little graphic to go along with the lesson. :o)

So there you have it. It's moments like these, when my children find success through the tough stuff, that makes being a Homeschooling Learning Coach very worthwhile. I'm so proud of Son#2, I may even share my stash of Skittles with him. :o) What have you been up to this week? Happy Friday!

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