Friday, October 1, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday...Finally!

Hooray for me! I got some sewing done...finally! I finished two simple and quick projects this week. Well, they're only pillows, but at least I stitched those squares together and used my sewing machine. That counts, right? Who said homeschooling more that one kid would be conducive to my sewing schedule? Me? What was I thinkin'! :o)

The first pillow is a piece of denim I used to practice my embroidery machine skills. The back is a scrap of flannel in plaid. To enhance it just a bit, and add a little more durability, I top stitched around all four edges. It creates a teeny flanged edge. I know this is not the correct way to create a flanged edge, but it works in this instance when you have 15 minutes to sew. Besides, when you're sewing for boys, you have to reinforce those stitches...cause you know they're going to be whacking this pillow over someone's head! :o)

The second pillow was inspired while thumbing through the pages of a PotteryBarn catalog, and then viewing said pillows at the PB Store. I started hacking away at DH's cable-knit sweater, and now have a yummy Autumn pillow to enjoy. I still don't think he realizes it was his sweater I used. ;o) Every person in this house has called dibs on this particular pillow. I guess I'm going to have to go closet shopping and make some more.

What did you sew this week? Hop on over to AmyLouWho's blog and link up. While you're there, visit everyone else and leave some comment love. :o)

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