Monday, October 18, 2010

The Living Image

When I offered to review this book for my bloggy friend, Elisabeth, I thought it would be a breeze to read. What I found was a thought-provoking, soul-stirring, self-examining book written by A.M. LaMouria, Elisabeth's husband.

Whether or not you are questioning what God's will is for your life, you need to read this book. It breaks down the world views of what it means to be a Christian, and shows you how to faithfully bear the Image of God instead of just imitating what you think a Christian should look like.

Although the verbiage and format was easy to read, I found myself wanting to really take my time to digest this book. It would make a fabulous book club read, as the opportunities to discuss with others would definitely arise.

The book is available in electronic format, so grab your Kindle or reading device and download it today. You won't be disappointed. In fact, I think you'll be rewarded with a pivotal life moment. God wants us to be Image Bearers. You'll find out how to be just that when you read this book.

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