Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Having a Week...and It's Only Tuesday

Hey bloggy friends! I'm having a week...and it's only Tuesday. LOL

Actually, life is pretty great right now. We're simply busy, busy with school and tackling some tough subjects this week. Whew...that Fellowship of the Ring is some big reading! Then add in Changing Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers, followed up with writing a research paper on the Bubonic Plague, and you've got one mind-blowing week. :o) Oh. And this is my 5th grader's assignments. I haven't even mentioned my 7th grader's work! Yikes!

While I'd love to be blog hopping with y'all, I'm going to work on being a Mom and Learning Coach this week. We do have some fun art planned, so I'll be sure to take pictures and post those Friday or Saturday. In the meantime, have a fun rest of the week! Happy Tuesday! :o)

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