Friday, October 22, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Princess LittleGirl
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From an early age, probably Day One, we told LittleGirl she was our princess. We told her we adored her. We told her she was special. We told her she was a gift. She has brought lots of laughter, along with some angst, into our home. She's a girlie-girl, who likes to look her best and dress in a regal manner. She loves all things shiny and sparkly, bright and beautiful, and just about anything purple (though she's leaving that phase and entering a more 'grown-up' color of blue).

Princesses making a Phone Call
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Being a princess is hard work! It takes an afternoon to dress in all her finery. There are dresses to choose, necklaces to wear, crowns to select. Then she must decide on the event to attend. It's a process that's kept under wraps in LittleGirl's room. While she is bedecking herself, one must not step near the door. If she hears footsteps in the hallway, she'll shout, "Don't come in here! I'm getting dressed! You can't see yet!" at the top of her voice. (Not in a very princess way, mind you. This is where the angst comes into our home.)

Princess LittleGirl in her favorite color
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 Once the total ensemble and fripperies are adorned, out emerges our Princess. She stands a little taller (not from the high-heeled shoes), her manner is a bit more gentle, and she takes on an air of regality. And I love that. I love that she wants to be pretty...pretty in her dress, pretty in her manner, pretty in her heart. 

Self-worth and feeling confident and beautiful will carry her through the years. At times, she'll need to cling to those truths, especially as she navigates through her tweens and teens. If dressing as a princess helps enforce those ideals, I want her to dress up as often as she wants. I will never tire of sewing princess costumes. In fact, I'm sure I'll be a little sad when we move on from this phase.

And that's why my Princess, LittleGirl, is one of my favourite things.

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Happy Friday!

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