Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tackle

Did you get outside last night and view Jupiter? We did! Because of all the beautiful trees in our neighborhood, we actually had to jump in our car and go about a mile down the street for a clear view. The kids were thrilled. The memory we created was worth the late bedtime. Son#2 said, "Mom, I'll be in college next time Jupiter is this close. I'll come home and look at it again with you." Isn't that just the sweetest thing your boy can say to you?

I have a list a mile long to complete today! I won't get all of it done; however, there are several items that must be completed today. Here's what I plan to tackle...

  • Hem two pairs of jeans for a customer/friend

  • Clean out / re-organize the kitchen cabinets

  • Finish washing the walls and blinds in the kitchen

  • Move armoire from den to kitchen
I like to use Maripat's Hemming Jeans tutorial for my first ToDo list item. It's super-easy, plus she has pictures to help you along the way! You can check it out here:  Hemming Jeans

Do you Fall Clean? I like it better than Spring Cleaning. I try my best to get the entire house completed inside and out, though I don't always accomplish all that I'd like. I have found it's easier to concentrate on one room at a time, clean it from top to bottom, before moving on to another room. And I'll only do this kind of deep cleaning during the week. I refuse to spend my Saturdays cleaning. That's for sewing and crafting! LOL

Yesterday, I washed the blinds in the kitchen. We have those 2" faux-wood blinds. Here's the easy-peasy way to clean them:

  1. Extend the full-length of the blind and pull closed so the slats are flat.

  2. Using a mild cleaning mixture (I mix up 1tsp. dish soap, 1 tsp. white vinegar, and 16oz. water in a spray bottle) spray your microfiber cloth...not the blinds. It's very important to not wet the cording of your blinds.

  3. Starting at the top of the blinds, wipe blinds, working your way to the bottom, using clean cloth as necessary.

  4. Turn slats to the other side and repeat.

  5. To prevent dust build-up, wipe blinds with a dryer sheet.

On to the cupboards! I'll pull everything out, wipe out the inside, and put back the contents. I'll be multi-tasking this chore, since I'll set aside some of the accrued kitchen stuff for my BigYardSale this weekend.  I hope to get all of the above finished today, though I'm not sure if I'll get that last item moved. It takes a lot of muscle and maneuvering. I need to measure the space and doorway one more time to ensure that piece of furniture will fit.

How do you tackle your Seasonal Cleaning? As a daily breakdown or an all-out-deep-cleaning weekend? Check out how others are tackling their Tuesdays and leave them an encouraging comment. Happy Tuesday!

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