Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Concatenation

I'm still Fall Cleaning. I made it half-way through the kitchen cabinets. I hope to finish those today, though my list is full. At this point, I'm the only one on the BigYardSale bandwagon. It's looking like we'll be donating instead of selling. A BigYardSale is simply too much work for just one The Silver Lining to my upended plans? Not having a sale on Saturday means I have free time to sew! Where do you like to donate your items? For clothing, I give articles to the Triune Mercy Center. For housewares, it's usually a toss-up between Salvation Armani and Miracle Hill.

I love to read blogs! There are so many wonderful blogs that I have found. Even though we don't write about the same subjects, or necessarily share all the same interests, we're connected by our blogs. I have many interests, and read blogs on all sorts of topics. That's CONCATENATION...a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events. In an effort to share and connect the blogs/sites I enjoy reading, I'm featuring three of them each Thursday.

If you love fashion, especially vintage and couture, you're going to love visiting The Frock. I'm warning you right now...You will spend hours drooling over the pages and pages of beautiful garments. My favorites right now are in the Mid-Century section. I love those Goddess gowns! :o)

Big Brainz
Remember a few weeks ago when I was lamenting over Son#2 and his Multiplication Memorization? I found a FREE download at BigBrainz that incorporates Multiplication and video games. We've only had the download a few days; but I've already noticed a huge improvement in Son#2's recall of multiplication facts. The great thing about this game is you can put all your children in the player's list. And you can view a progress report at the end of each session. It's a fast-paced game they won't be bored with any time soon.

This site is what inspired me to get started on my Fall Cleaning. There are some great tips on not only cleaning, but just getting your place all spiffed up and organized. Get rid of those paper piles and find some inspiration at Unclutterer!

Happy Thursday and Happy Reading!
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