Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Concatenation

There are so many great blogs out there in Bloggerville! Do you enjoy finding new blogs as much as I do? I've found some fabulous new blogs this week. I'll be sharing those soon. For now, I want to feature those blogs who have graciously shared their buttons/links with me...because I'm going to take those pages down this weekend. It's time to do some Fall cleaning...kinda like rearranging the furniture in your house. Do you do that?

I rearrange my rooms almost every season. The only room that has consistently stayed the same is my kitchen. I think I'm going to move some things around in there too! :o) And just like my house, I'm feeling the need to move some pages and introduce some new items to my blog. But first, I want to be true to my word, and feature the blogs on the Share Your Blog and Share Your Button pages. Thanks for sharing! :o)
If you have little ones (or remember living in the days of little ones), you'll enjoy reading this blog. This blogger shares her adventures of faith and renewal while she mothers her two amazing children.

Have a passion for quilting and embroidery? I met Carla through Sew&Tell and LushStuff. Oh my! Carla has some of the most beautiful hand-embroidery I have ever seen. She is incredibly talented and inspiring. I swear, after looking through her blog last week I almost downloaded some little birds to do a redwork quilt. What was I thinking?!  My hand stitching is atrocious at best. However, I love to drool over Carla's projects. She's consistently producing fabulous items. Go take a look! :o)

I love reading about Goose and her mom, Denise. :o) Denise has a penchant for yard-saling and turning those finds into fabulous! She's currently re-vamping Goose's wardrobe and just enjoying life. I always feel happy after I've read Denise's blog. Her words will make you happy too. :o)

Don't you just love that name? If you love giveaways, stop by Beth's blog. She reviews all sorts of items and gadgets, and likes to share her new finds with all her bloggy buddies. You never know what she might review and giveaway, so check her blog and check back often!

I love Tracey's take on life! She's a busy mom, wife, and teacher who likes to create crafty things. And boy, does she share some mouth-watering recipes! My favorite thing about Tracey? She firmly believes, "when all goes wrong and you are having a lousy day, there is not much that a really good doughnut can't make better." Grab a donut and go check out Tracey's blog! :o)

Wow, oh wow! Georgia Peach is amazing. I love to read her blog, because no matter what she shares, it's always inspiring. She is a military mom to men that serve/served in the Marines and Army, and a self-taught crafter. As her bloggy bio states, "You will enjoy this site if you love to bake or cook. Or quilt or knit. Or scrapbook and design cards. Or embroider and create purses and totes. Or cameras and photography. Or love computers - especially a Mac - then you will have fun here with me." And it's true! So stop by and see her.

Monique (don't you just love her name?) has a penchant for vintage. I love to visit her blog because she consistently posts inspiring vintage fashion. She recently featured some amazing Crocheted dresses. Since I cannot crochet any more than a dishcloth, I find it fascinating and impressive that anyone can sit long enough to crochet an entire dress! If you're not into vintage, you just might be after taking a look at Monique's blog.
Since I'll be housekeeping, I have a question for you, my bloggy friends. :o)
What's your favorite feature / design layout on my blog?
If you're visiting today, Welcome!
Leave me a comment, so I know you were here visiting. :o)
Happy Thursday!

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