Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Concatenation

Sorry I've been MIA this week. Here's where I've been and what I've been SO busy doing...
Yep. That's me pondering the beach! We were given the opportunity to spend some time at the beach (Thanks, Uncle Petie!), so I packed up DH, the kids, and even the dog, and headed to the coast. Five days, four migraines, three jellyfish stings, two sand dollars, and one security breach. It was an exciting trip that I'm sure I can sum up for you in my posts. :o) I'll try not to bore you with the slideshow of events; however, I will be posting more snaps later this weekend. For now, let's get back to our Thursday Concatenation...

If you need some inspiration, look no further than Penny's Hands! Penny has a thing for hexies right now. What's wonderful for all of us, is she's sharing her love by posting hexie tutorials! Don't know what a hexie is? Hop on over to Penny's blog and check them out. You might find yourself dreaming of hexies too. :o) Her Hexie Caddy is something I hope to try in the next week. I really need one of those to keep me organized!

I love to read. So when I found Joy's blog, Edgy Inspirational Romance, I was super-excited. Joy reads...a lot...and she writes fabulous reviews of all the books she reads. She's recently started a book club. The first book is Havah by Tosca Lee, and there's still plenty of time to find your copy and read along with others in Bloggerville. Stop by Joy's blog and check out all her reviews. You might just find the inspiration you need to pick up a book!

Okay. I know some of you are just going to click on this blog link and say, "Oh my! What in the world?Seams Inspired reads this?!" I am by no means advocating the Prepper Lifestyle or declaring The-End-of-the-World-is-Near. I have two growing boys, both with hollow legs. We barely keep enough food in the house, let alone have a chance to stock up. LOL. I just find this site very, very interesting. And you will be able to glean a few tips. Keep an open mind, and remember, Bloggers make the world go round! :o)

Happy Thursday and Happy Reading!

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