Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Concatenation and Struggling Student

I love to read blogs! There are so many wonderful blogs that I have found. Even though we don't write about the same subjects, or necessarily share all the same interests, we're connected by our blogs. I have many interests, and read blogs on all sorts of topics. That's CONCATENATION...a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events.

In an effort to share and connect the blogs I enjoy reading, I'm featuring three of them each Thursday. Share you button or blog with me (click one of the tabs at the top of the page) and I'll feature your blog! Here's this week's featured blogs...

Sarah is just an inspiration! She transforms strings of yarn into beautiful creations. Right now, she's working on Christmas gifts for her family. She'll make you want to pick up some needles and learn how to knit. And Sarah doesn't simply knit, she also sews, embroiders, crochets, and quilts in her spare time. As if all things crafty don't keep her busy enough, Sarah fills the rest of her time giving her brain a workout as a student who majors in Math! Stop by and see what Sarah's knitting today. Just be warned...your desire to work with yarn will greatly increase!

Shay produces some gorgeous quilts! Her stacked coin quilts are just beautiful. After you finish drooling over her eye-catching work, you'll find yourself surfing her blog and reading every entry...just because she's so witty and talented in her writing. She muses about everyday life, but finds the humor in everything! Her Slack Tea Thursday posts are hilarious. And be sure to read about her recent kitchen renovation. If you're reading Shay's blog while you're at work, be forewarned...breaking out into gut-busting laughter is almost surely going to happen. Shay also has a fun linky party that begins tomorrow. Join her for her new Favorite Things Friday. I can't wait to see what's on her list!

Need some time to just relax and read? Then hop on over to Finding Joy in Vegas. This Mom of two young ones tells it like it is. She blogs about her kids and their antics that make her want to pull her hair out. What is refreshing about her blog, is even though she has stress, she finds the joy in it. Her faith will give you strength, and help you remember that it's just a day; and tomorrow is new start. :o)

Struggling Student
As you know, I homeschool my two oldest children. Son#2 has struggled with Math since school began. He just hasn't memorized his Multiplication facts, which is making his lessons very long and very difficult. We even deviated from our regular Math lessons to work exclusively on Multiplication. We've done Flash Cards, visited Study Island, Brainpop (two of my favorite education websites), and I even found Schoolhouse Rock on Youtube. For those of you who grew up in the 70's, you'll quickly remember these multiplication songs! :o) If not, you're in for a treat. Oh, how I loved Saturday mornings and the end of the cartoons. Yes, we only had cartoons on Saturdays. Oh no, I've digressed...moving on...
I really hate to see my son struggle. This usually fun-loving, happy-go-lucky boy is frustrated. I'm frustrated. We're both hoping his brain will engage, and the moment of "unlocking the block" will happen soon. There is just no easy way around. He has to memorize these Math facts. If he doesn't get the basics, everything else in Math from here on out is going to be senseless. What's a Mom to do? 
This Mom prays. I pray my son will feel encouraged by me as we master Multiplication. I pray he will approach Math with less trepidation, and will find triumph in conquering this struggle soon. And one more thought about the sadness of watching your child struggle. I think God feels the same way about us. He loves us so much, that it makes Him sad to watch us struggle through our lives...even the little things. He's there when we need Him. He's there when we think we don't need Him. And I know He's smiling with joy and praising us when we finally overcome the conflicts that have been keeping us down. :o) What's your struggle? What are you going to do about it?

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