Friday, September 3, 2010

Sew & Tell, and Favorite Things Friday

There wasn't a lot of sewing going on at my house this week. In fact, I only stitched up one little item. This was a super-fast project. Seriously, this water bottle cover...I can't really call it a koozie as it doesn't have a more of a water bottle wrap. LittleGirl's teachers encourage the kids to bring a water bottle to quench thirst and save trips to the fountain. With her bottle being a generic, it's easy to confuse it with others. As a self-proclaimed germphobe, LittleGirl decided she needed a way to declare her water bottle as her own. This morning (I'm not kidding! 7:00am today!) LittleGirl pulled birdie scraps from my stash. I measured around her bottle and the width of LittleGirl's palm. I cut two pieces accordingly, as well as a piece of insulated batting. I sandwiched them all together, gave a stitch around the layers, turned, and top-stitched. It's taken me longer to write the description than it actually did to sew it. I love fast little projects like this. It took all of 10 minutes to stitch up, so I'm including it at Sew & Tell.
LittleGirl's Super-Easy Bottle Wrap

Inspired by The Student Knitter, I bought a little yarn to try and knit.
 Alas, I'm not ready to work with two needles. I did manage to crochet this little dishcloth. I even added a ruffled edge! It's not perfect, but it was good practice for my fine motor skills. I hope to graduate to knitting very soon!
Working on dexterity...Crocheted Dishcloth

I'm so excited to join Shay at Quilting in My Pyjama's Favorite Things Friday! I have several Friday's worth of favorites. :o) Today, I'm featuring a little item that brings me a smile everytime I look at it. It's my bird bowl. A bird bowl is a favorite? Yes! I looked at this bowl for several weeks before I actually purchased it. It was perched on a shelf at my local Hancock's. Oh, it was just darling! I loved everything about it...except the price tag. It was marked $40. If you know me well, you'd know I would never, ever, ever pay a ridiculous sum for home decor. I'd stroll into Hancock's week after week, keeping an eye on 'my' birdie friends. The number of bowls dwindled, and panic began to set in...gasp! There was only one left!  I was truly coveting that bowl. Stopping by to have another look, I couldn't find the last birdie bowl. I looked all over that store. I really wanted that bowl. Just as I was checking out, I had a glimmer of hope peeking out from the bottom shelf of the 50% off section. There it was!

I bought it. $20 is way more than I normally spend on something so frivolous as a bird bowl; however, I decided to treat myself. And you know what? I've enjoyed it every day since then. It sits atop my kitchen table, usually filled with fruit to encourage the healthy eating of my family. Its five little birdies represent each one of us...DH, Son#1, Son#2, LittleGirl, and Me. :o) I see them all clustered and hovering over the bowl, sharing memories with us as we partake in daily living. We sometimes leave love notes for one another in this bowl. We fill it with our dyed eggs at Easter, and ornaments at Christmas. It brings us joy. That's why my little birdie bowl is one of my favorite things. :o)
My Favorite Thing...Little Birdie Bowl

Did you sew or craft this week? Go stop by AmyLouWho's Sew&Tell, and Andrea's LushStuff and link up with everyone. And don't forget to stop by Shay's Favorite Thing Fridays. What's your favorite thing? Happy Friday! :o)

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