Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

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One Christmas season when DH and I were first married, we were caught up in the frenzy of holiday shopping for our families. As a newly-wedded bride, I fretted over finding just the right gifts for each family member, especially the in-laws. :o)

Traipsing up and down the mall corridors, we made one last stop for the evening at one of the anchor stores. I picked up and put down quite a few items in housewares. What should we buy for MIL? Honestly, at that point, DH could care less. Every item I picked up, he would nod and say, "Yeah. That one will work."

The loudspeaker crackled with the announcement that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes. I was about in tears, knowing we would not complete our shopping that night. We rounded the corner to the next display.

There was the cutest little candle holder I had ever seen! It was crafted of metal in the shape of a frog climbing off its lily pad. In his climbing position, he became the holder of a glass globe to house a candle. It was so detailed and dainty looking with its bronze coloring; yet such a sturdy, almost wrought-iron metal holder. I loved it! I looked up at DH and told him how much I admired the little froggie candle. He said, "My Mom won't like that."

Sighing, I just set the sweet candle holder back in its place. The store was closing. We were leaving empty-handed.

Christmas Day arrived. It was a whirlwind for us. With no children of our own, we were expected to attend Christmas with both families. That day was long! Night followed and DH and I sat in our little house, all aglow and twinkling with decorations for the season, enjoying our first Christmas together. Listening to carols on the radio, DH said, "Oh. I've got one more present for you."

It was the little froggie candle holder! Almost seventeen Christmases later, I still love it. It's sits atop my nightstand to remind me of my sweet and generous husband, who was thoughtful enough to return to the mall one crazy Christmas...just to make me smile. And that's why it's one of my Favourite Things.

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