Friday, September 17, 2010

Favourite Things Friday #3 and Bartering

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All I can say is D-I-R-T. Another whole week of no sewing. I missed Sew&Tell and LushStuff last week, and alas, I'm missing it again this week. I'll just have to blog hop and drool over all the sewing projects my bloggy friends were able to complete. Perhaps I can get some sewing in this weekend. If a certain someone has her way, I will do just that...

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LittleGirl has been fine-tuning her barter skills. Ever since I stitched up her Water Bottle Cover, she has been using my sewing skills to her advantage. She comes home from school with new requests, "Mom, A says if you make her a cover, her Mommy will make me some earrings." or "Mom, V wants a water bottle cover. She'll give me 5 Silly Bandz if you make her one."

And if that's not all, I found pieces of fabric lying about my sewing room. Upon examination, I noticed little bits cut out of the corners. LittleGirl is taking fabric swatches to school for her friends to choose what they want 'Mom' to sew! LOL I guess I should be flattered. I'm definitely a bit amazed that at 7 years of age, LittleGirl has honed her trading skills so well. Makes a Momma proud! :o)

Favourite Things Friday

Right now, my Favourite Thing is
reading at night with my children. About 30 minutes before LittleGirl's bedtime, we all pile up on my bed to read. Some nights we each choose our own book and quietly read to ourselves. (That almost sounds oxymoronic; however, it's quite a difficult concept when cultivating new readers. They tend to read aloud or mumble as they speak the words on the page.)

But my most favorite nights are when we begin a new chapter book together. Last night we started Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring. Can you believe that's on the reading list for my 5th grader?! It seems a difficult book for a 10-year old; however, all my kids are off-the-charts in their reading scores...yeah, their Mom is bragging right here ;o) Anyway, we had the best time reading the first few's an in-depth fantasy story and the print is tiny. It's going to take us a while to get through it.

I love looking up from the pages and seeing their faces. Their eyes are telling as they have that dreamy, far-off look in them. I can see they've each gone into the depths of their imaginations and are right in the middle of the world they've created from the storyline. And I know they're listening, because they will stop me and ask questions that pertain to the story. Their perspectives are as unique as their personalities. Son#1 may comment in a thoughtful and mature manner. Son#2 usually adds a funny aside, while LittleGirl will probably ask something seemingly off-the-wall that only a 7-year-old can understand.

It's a great way for us to create memories, learn, and just enjoy one another's company. Reading calms their little souls before bedtime. It's a moment of the day to which I most look forward. We can just take a deep breath, read a few pages, and spend time together. That's why Reading at Night is one of my Favourite Things. :o)

What's your Favourite Thing? Hop on over to Quilting in My Pyjama's blog and check out the list. Then be sure to add your own. Happy Friday!

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